Welcome To Submission School

The Submission School project was founded in March 2009, its aim is to promote a healthy positive lifestyle through the “gentle art” of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Our fundamental objective is participation and the project has been working within underprivileged communities and enabling participation for those who would not be able to afford the typical costs associated with training this hugely popular martial art.

Since itse inception, the project has gone from strength to strength and we are expanding our work, as well as forming strategic links with some of the finest instructors in the sport. Our main branch is located in Green Street, East London with more branches on the way. So please come and be part of this unique social project.

Our ultimate vision is to take the project to developing countries and use it’s unique nature to aid in the social development of  children and young people as well as to breed a new generation of athletes and take the art to new frontiers.

Submission School – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for all!!!

See you on the mat!!!

M. Ashifuddin – Founder/ Project Director